TransforMissional Coaching

Each of us can likely identify someone in our lives who played a critical role in our future development and growth – for some of us that person may well have been a coach and/or mentor.

transformissional coachingThe authors of Transformissional Coaching: Empowering Leaders in a Changing Ministry World, Steve Ogne and Tim Roehl understand such relationships—their essential importance and the way they best function. And, this is not a new phenomenon for them. Steve wrote his first coaching resource 13 years ago and set the pace for coaching in Christian ministry. Tim has been coaching and training coaches with Church Resource Ministries for 8 years and has previously authored two devotional books.

You will see their experience and passion for TransforMissional coaching as they describe a holistic approach to coaching that is especially empowering to young and emerging leaders. Rather than telling leaders what to do or how to do it they strongly advocate the art of listening and asking great questions as an effective vehicle to engage and empower the leader.

TransforMissional coaching is a holistic approach. Unlike business coaching models that are only concerned with productivity or results TransforMissional coaching engages the whole leader in transformation. Steve and Tim suggest that coaches transform leaders by helping leaders clarify calling, cultivate character, create community and connect with culture.

Coaching may be the primary vehicle that makes the transition from modern to missional paradigms. Young and emerging leaders are looking for relationship, proximity and affinity with those they allow to empower them. They will receive coaching and mentoring from those they trust, those who will be there for them. TransforMissional Coaching is an effective process for empowering emerging leaders to engage in missional expressions of church.

The authors suggest the art of listening and the use of effective questions as the keys to empowerment. Emerging leaders are looking for empowerment that is consistent with their world view and life experience more than that of their parents. Listening and good questions effectively anchor the coaching conversation in the life and experience of the leader more than that of the coach. The resulting trust allows the coach or mentor to speak timeless truths in a timely way without imposing his views or preferences or models on the leader. As you will see TransforMissonal Coaching includes several lists of great coaching questions.

TransforMissional Coaching goes well beyond simple coaching formulas and will be very useful to those who are serious about transforming leaders and empowering mission.

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