The Missionary Church
Steve has maintained ministry credentials and ordination with the Missionary Church for 35 years. This denomination is committed to missions, evangelism, and church planting.

Steve has a number of strategic partnerships that increase the strength and breadth of his ministry.

Church Resource Ministries 
Steve’s primary affiliation is with CRM, a mission agency that works to multiply disciples, leaders, and churches in 26 countries.

Creative Results Management
Steve partners with Keith Webb and Creative Results Management to provide the very best in coach training and certification.

Christian & Missionary Alliance
Steve has partnered will Bill Malick  to serve both nationally and regionally as coach consultant and trainer in a variety of settings including Fresh Start Legacy Planting and The Multipliers Network for advanced church planting.

Redemption AZ
Steve has been a quiet advisor, coach, and partner with Tyler Johnson the apostolic and visionary leader of the Redemption Movement in Phoenix Arizona.

Crossroads Community Church
Steve has been a pastor, advisor and member at Crossroads for 30 years in Camarillo, CA.

The Missional Challenge
Steve has been a coach mentor and partner with Dave DeVries and The Missional Challenge. Dave and Steve routinely work together to provide innovative training and resources. They enjoy training together and playing back-up for each other.

The Ken Priddy Group
Steve and Ken have been friends and partners for many years. Ken’s understanding of revitalization and Steve’s passion for church planting bring both balance and synergy when they work together.