Steve offers a variety of consultation services customized to your specific need and organization. Consultations often include training and empowerment for your leaders and at least 6 months coaching for you to ensure the successful implementation.

The following is a top ten list of consultation services available to you.

Church Planting
Steve provides consultation, training, and coaching to individual church planters and their teams. This individualized consultation and training often takes the form of a team retreat or mini bootcamp and is customized to your specific vision, values, mission, and context.

Churches Planting Churches
Steve provides consultation and training to congregations who wish to multiply or birth new churches. He provides guidance to both the parent church and the new church and is particularly helpful at negotiating the rough spots in the middle.

Church Planting Networks
Steve provides consultation and training for national and regional networks to accelerate their church planting effectiveness. Training in this area includes 10 essentials for church planting movements.

Fresh Start or Legacy Planting
This specialized form of planting includes the closure of a dying congregation and the reinvestment of the assets in the planting of a new church. Steve’s expertise in working with the remnant congregation and the involvement of a healthy partner congregation leads to success.

Coaching Systems Development
Steve provides consultation for the development of sustainable coaching systems for church planters, pastors, small group leaders, or volunteers. His partnership with Creative Results Management connects you to the very best in Christian coach training and certification.

Vision and Ministry Alignment
Steve routinely provides consultation to churches that need to rediscover their vision, clarify their values, and re-align their ministry to achieve a better result. This is often accomplished through a series of leadership retreats or workshops with coaching to ensure implementation.

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Missional Engagement and Evangelism
Steve routinely helps churches move from a purely attractional model of ministry to a more balanced missional approach that places a priory on sending people into their world with both the love of Jesus and the message of Jesus. This process includes equipping leaders and others for simple evangelism.

Disciple Making
Steve is particularly gifted at helping churches rediscover their calling to MAKE disciples not just BE disciples. He will help you develop a simple and natural disciple making pathway through your ministry including a disciple making engine that builds strong foundations in new Christians.

Leader Development
Steve can help you discern the difference between workers and leaders. He will help you develop a leadership pathway that will raise robust leaders for your ministry, for mission, and for church planting.

Specialized Church Assessments
Steve will customize a consultation uniquely for your church or ministry. He has experience with Simple Church, Decentralized Church, Missional Church, Mega Church, Healthy Church, and Healthy Staff.

Every consultation includes a minimum of six months coaching for the key leader to ensure implementation!